2023 - 2024 All-American Criteria

2023 - 2024 Commanders Guide Note, very large file.

The All-American program exists to recognize exceptional leadership and teamwork,
authentic accomplishment in membership growth and VFW core programs.

All American Post Criteria

• Membership must be at least 102%
• Must conduct two Membership recruiting events, submit reports through All American Dashboard
• Post-Election Report must be submitted to National Headquarters
• Meet all the following Program Participation Criteria:

o Voice of Democracy - minimum of one entry advanced to District judging (Overseas Post can donate $100 to National in lieu of entry)
o Patriots Pen - minimum of one entry advanced to District judging (Overseas Post can donate $100 to National in lieu of entry)
o Hold a fundraiser with the proceeds going to Veterans & Military Support Programs Services, minimum of $100. Here is a Link to the training on preferred method of making the Donation.
o National Citizenship Education Teachers Award – one entry advanced to Department judging (Overseas Post donate $100 to National in lieu of entry)
o A Post must submit a community service report quarterly to their department for submission to the All American Dashboard. The quarters are July-Sept, Oct-Dec, Jan-March, and April-June.
o Buddy Poppy- Purchase Three per member in the Post

2023 - 2024 All-American Post Award

All Posts that meet the Qualifying Percentage and the program participation criteria will receive an All American Post Citation, Post Streamer and be recognized in the VFW magazine.
- The Top 25 Posts in each Division will receive:
• Acknowledgment in VFW Magazine
• Acknowledgement during the All-American Awards Ceremony at the National Convention
• All-American Post citation
• All-American Post streamer
• All-American citation - Commander
• All-American name badge - Commander
• All-American cap (Commander only, Quartermaster and Post Members may purchase "Post Member” cap)
• All-American lapel pin (Commander only, Quartermaster may purchase pin)
• All-American Team Post Member lapel pin (25 pack)
• The top five Commanders in each Division will also receive:
▪ A $1,000 stipend to be used toward attending the VFW National Convention.
▪ Reserved seating at the VFW National Convention joint opening session.
(For District and Department Level programs, refer to the above linked manual.)