2022 - 2023 All-American Criteria

2022 - 2023 Commanders Guide Note, very large file.

The All-American program exists to recognize exceptional leadership and teamwork, authentic accomplishment in membership growth and VFW core programs.

All-American Post Criteria

Membership greater than 100%

Must conduct two Membership recruiting events, submit reports through All-American Dashboard.

• 2023-24 Post-Election Report must be submitted to National

Meet all the following Program Participation Criteria:

o Voice of Democracy - minimum of one entry advanced to District judging (Overseas Post can donate $75 to National in lieu of entry)

o Patriots Pen - minimum of one entry advanced to District judging (Overseas Post can donate $75 to National in lieu of entry)

o Hold a fundraiser with the proceeds going to Veterans & Military Support Programs Services, minimum of $100.

o National Citizenship Education Teachers Award – one entry advanced to next level of judging (Overseas Post donate $75 to National in lieu of entry)

o A Post must submit a community service report to their department for submission to the All-American Dashboard NLT 30 June 2023

o Buddy Poppy- Purchase five per member in the Post

2022 - 2023 All-American Post Award

- All Posts that meet the Qualifying Percentage and the program participation criteria will receive an All-American Post Citation, Post Streamer and be recognized in the VFW magazine.

- The Top 50 Posts in each Division will receive:

Acknowledgment in VFW Magazine

Acknowledgement during the All-American Awards Ceremony at the National Convention

All-American Post citation

All-American Post streamer

All-American citation - commander

All-American name badge - commander

All-American cap (commander only, quartermaster and Post members may purchase "Post Member” cap)

All-American lapel pin (commander only, quartermaster may purchase pin)

All-American Team Post Member lapel pin (25 pack)

The top five commanders in each division will also receive:

A $1,000 stipend to be used toward attending the VFW National Convention.

Reserved seating at the VFW National Convention joint opening session.