Criteria for the 2021 - 2022 All American Program

The All-American program exists to recognize exceptional leadership and

teamwork, authentic accomplishment in membership growth and VFW core


 Further Instruction on the Programs by Lynn Rolf

 Further Instruction on the All American Dashboard by Lynn Rolf



All-American Post Criteria            2021 - 2022 Commanders Manual

Membership greater than 100%

Meet all the following Program Participation Criteria:

o Voice of Democracy - minimum of one entry advanced to District judging (Overseas Post can donate $75 to National in lieu of entry.)

o Patriot’s Pen - minimum of one entry advanced to District judging (Overseas Post can donate $75 to National in lieu of entry.)

o Hold a fundraiser with the proceeds going to Veterans & Military Support Programs Services, minimum of $100.

Veterans & Military Support Programs Services donations for Post/District/Department as listed above will only be accepted only through the following link:

o Partner twice with two separate organizations like Team RWB, Operation Ramp It Up, Operation Gratitude, Team Rubicon, Merging Vets & Players and other VSOs to include our friends at Sport Clips and Burger King. Submit both online reports through dashboard with the appropriate detail -when authorized by Post Meeting action, Budget, time, place, how advertised, and when including cost, man hours, and mileage.

o Create Post social media site or actively maintain existing site. Provide the link and detail notes. Also, select the check boxes that answers the following.  Note, your Facebook site must be in operation for 6 months per the checklist on the reporting page. Evidence of National Interest Postings must be present. Must be Admin controlled. Officers Profile must be present. And Site must have appropriate content as per the VFW Social Media Guide.


o Five (5) New Action Corps Sign-Ups: To sign up: Text "VFW” to "50457” to sign-up five previously unsubscribed members or VFW supporters. Enter the Names of those joining in the appropriate box.

o Have a 10% increase in total impact in Community Service. ($ Donated + Hours = Total Impact) *Baseline has been established within the KPI Tools for Community Service. (Information on the All American Dashboard)

Once entering the All American Dashboard section, there are good training videos on how to create entries for the Adjutant to complete.

For convenience, submit the following report to the District Adjutant for your reporting. Otherwise, it is up to your Post Adjutant to enter the Data! Use one form for each entry.
Dashboard Entry Form