It it is Public and portrays Americanism, shows Support of the POW / MIA Awareness, Youth Education and Scouting, Sponsorships, Veteran Support, and Community Involvement, it should be Reported. Post and or Auxiliary Involvement with the Activities.
If it is a Fundraiser for the Post or Auxiliaries, it is not qualified. That being said, if you have a Flag Raising Ceremony, POW/MIA Display and Ceremony, Post Service Officer Table (advertised in advance), and Recruiting Table set up, These Are Reported.
Each Post (and Auxiliary) should report their interaction with their Community and Veterans Assistance. An easy interactive access Page is available here;(See District Leadership for Assistance if needed)
Online Reporting
 For a Paper Version and Guide Sheet for use,
Community Involvement Worksheet     Guide for Worksheet
 For a Paper Form to submit an All American Dashboard Entry,
All American Dashboard Report
Prior to each District Meeting, the Post Commander (with the assistance of the Post Quartermaster and Adjutant) should fill out the following report;
District Meeting Post Report