2022 - 2023 Missouri All State Requirements
Ongoing Goals
1. Your Post must reach 100% of last year's May 1, 2022, Membership PLUS 1 no later than April 30, 2023.
2. ALL Trustees' Reports of Audit Reports MUST be submitted to the State Quartermaster by the Designated Date - 30 days after each Quarter. Post Matks Do Not Count as each Post has 30 days to conduct and mail, fax, or email the Completed Audit Report to:
State Quartermaster, 3401 Knipp Dr, Jefferson City MO 65109, Fax to 573-636-2664, Email to BOTH and 
Inspection Related Goals
3. The Post Quartermaster must be bonded in accordance with Section 703 of the National By Laws.
4. Your Post must have the most current published copy of the VFW Podium Edition Congressional Charter, By Laws, Manual of Procedure, and Ritual Manual.
5. Your Post must be incorporated in accordance with National By Laws Section 708 and must obtain proper liability coverage according to National By Laws Section 709(if applicable).
6 Your Post must have the Post Website, or any other Social Media Sites (Facebook, Twitter, Linked In) updated with the names and contact information of its current Commander, Quartermaster, and Service Officer.
7. The Post must have their email set up through the Department designated email system (
Event Specific Goals
8. The Post Commander MUST have attended a District or Department School of Instruction and have a designated representative at ALL District Meetings. ONLY the State Commander can excuse the absence of an entire Post from a District Meeting. Excusal must be requested prior to the Meeting.
9. Your Post must have at least four (4) POW-MIA Awareness Activities at or outside the Post Home. They MUST be Public Activities. (See Manual for examples)
10, Your Post must hold at least four (4) Veteran Service Events. 
11, Post must have at least four (4) approved to in all categories listed on the Community Activity Report. (Community Involvement, Scouting, Americanism, Legislative Advocacy, Veterans Assistance, Post Service Officer Event (Must be Advertised), and Recruiting) All may be joint ventures as long as active physical participation is detailed in the report. When working with another Post, only give the hours, dollars, and miles for your Post Members. 
Funding Related Goals
12. Your Post must make a Donation to the Veterans Service Officer Program. The Check goes to the Department Quartermaster, 3401 Knipp Dr, Jefferson City MO 65109. Note in the Memo Field "Missouri Veterans Service Officer Program Donation" for proper credit. No Later than 30 April 2023 - recommend ASAP. Request is for $3 per Member. 
13. Your Post must Sponsor 2 out of 3 Patriots Pen, Voice of Democracy, and Teacher of the Year. Each must be entered to District for Judging. (Note, All 3 for All American)
14. Your Post must make a $25 Donation to National Military and Veteran Support Program 9Militart Assistance Program, Operation Uplink, Unmet Needs). This check must be sent DIRECTLY to VFW National Headquarters, c/o Military Assistance Program, 405 West 34th St, Kansas City MO 64111-2736. Note in the Memo Fiels Military and Veteran Support Program (or one of the other funds listed). Note, a $100 Donation id required for All American.
15. Your Post must purchase their quota (based upon Post Size) for Buddy Poppies from Department Headquarters. 


Missouri 2022-23 Commanders Manual 

NOTE- Full Manual - It is parted out to smaller files below. This is the Complete Manual

Missouri All State Program 

National Membership Program 

Missouri Membership Program 

Procedures and Scripts 

Missouri and Assorted Forms

Missouri Awards

Online Resources 

Missouri By Laws

Records Retention  

Missouri Meeting Schedule 

PowerPoint Presentation used at the 12th District School of Instruction

District 12 School of Instruction (PDF) (Revised 27 July 2022)