District 12 Missouri is composed of 9 Posts throughout the St Louis City and County Area. 
 Clink on the Link below to see where the various Posts are located. Other Post detail is listed in the Map.
Google Maps of District 12 Missouri showing the Posts and Locations
District Post Meeting Schedule
1102 St Louis First Tuesday 7:00pm
3944 Overland - St Ann First Wednesday 7:00pm
2184 Mehlville Second Tuesday 7:00pm
5468 Eureka Second Wednesday 7:00pm
4105 Florissant Second Thursday 7:00pm
3500 Richmond Heights Third Monday 5:45pm
4223 Lemay Third Monday 6:30pm
6274 Ballwin Third Monday 7:00pm
Pup Tent 12 Cooties Third Tuesday 7:00pm
2365 Woodson Terrace Third Wednesday 6:30pm


District 12 Meeting Schedule


30 July 2022 12:00 Noon District meeting and School of Instruction

Post 3944 Overland / St Ann

10815 Midland Blvd, Overland


17 September 2022 12:00 Noon District Meeting

Post 4105 Florissant

410 St Francois St, Florissant MO

10 December 2022 12:00 Noon VOD PP Teacher Banquet and District Meeting

Post 3044 Overland / St Ann

10815 Midland Blvd, Overland


11 February 2023 12:00 Noon District Meeting – Nomination of Officers

Post 3500 Richmond Heights

1717 S Big Bend Rd, Richmond Heights, MO


15 April 2023 12:00 Noon District Meeting and Convention

Post 6274 Ballwin

115 Mimosa Lane, Ballwin, MO