Donate to Missouri Veteran Service Officer Fund

CW - 8/19/2021


 Veteran Benefits & Assistance
The 12th District assists Posts in coordinating the Post Service Officers efforts on referring Veterans in need with the Highly Trained Certified Department Service Officers.
Some assistance can be gained from individual Posts based upon actual need.
For the key Benefits involving Health, Disabilities, and related Issues, they will assist in gaining an introduction to these
 Department Veteran Service Officers
Message to All:
Please Email all VSO Referrals to until further notice. Please spread the word so we can continue help our veterans. If you are represented by another organization, please reach out to us and we will be glad to assist you. Please call 314-253-4470 an leave message and a VFW Service will call you back.
We strongly suggest supporting this Excellent Program! Donations are very simple to make and Missouri VFW has a PayPal Link on their website. Post 5468 has used it twice now and it does accurately reports that it was made through the Post so the Post got credit as intended by our Generous Veteran. Using the Post Account locked the donation to the Post even tighter.

You might also want to download the Veteran Service Officer Information Brochure as well. Share it with your Friends and Donate this way!
This is the Premiere Program of the Missouri Veterans of Foreign Wars. It has impacted thousands of Veterans living in Missouri. Let us all do our Part!
We also highly recommend that one does not attempt to process a claim with the VA on their own. There are far too many steps that may potentially give rise to a Rejected Claim. Our Department Veteran Service Officers are well aware of these potential traps and will endeavor to process well developed claims.